Lauren Silva cover “Why” by Annie Lennox

Award winning R&B/Soul/Pop artist Lauren Silva’s cover of “Why” by Annie Lennox.
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Original music including her Hollywood Music in Media award winning song for Best R&B/Soul Song of the year “Shadow”
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Only nominee coming from Austin in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards

So, we posted before about how my single Hurt got nominated for Best Pop Song of the year for the Hollywood Music in Media awards and I recently discovered, I am the only nominee in the entire awards out of all the artists that is listed from Austin! I am very proud to represent this city that was tough for me at first, but since then has taught me so much and made me a better person and artist by being around some of the best talent in the world. I hope you all know who you are that I’m surrounded by all the time here in Austin! I will be thinking of all of you and hope to make Austin proud that night Nov.15 in Hollwood!!